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DCC Outdoor Training by Zhoushan Seaside

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  Zhujiajian is a national scenic, which is located in the southeast of zhoushan islands in zhejiang province, 15 nautical miles away from Pu Tuo mountain. Zhujiajian is 72 square kilometers which is the fifth largest island in zhoushan archipelago.

  On July 25, 2015, DCC held team expansion activity on the beautiful zhoushan zhujiajian beach. The whole training focused on enhancing our employees’ physical fitness, strain skills, and promoting cohesion of the whole company,including several interesting and challenging events such as beach volleyball,tug wars, rush game and so on.


Warm up before the event


  The company is divided into two teams. First group activity: tug-of-war in water. It's a good way to test teamwork .



  Second group activity: beach volleyball.Both the teammates and the cheerleaders showed great enthusiasm and passion.




  Third activity: the pressure plate. Colleagues cooperate with each other to finish the task with pain.




  In the free time, colleagues play happily under the sun, the waves and the beach.


  At the bonfire party in the evening, the colleagues sang and danced.



  This trip left a happy and memorable moment, not only to heighten our fitness and willpower, but also enhance the friendship between the colleague, to strengthen the cohesion of the team.